Friday, December 30, 2011


So it looks like I have to work today. I have to finish some work that I have started a few weeks ago. This work needs to be done today - at least my part is. So after writing this, I am going to do some spreadsheet work. It should not take long, hopefully - but if there are issues, then I am going to go nuts.

I don't have a problem with working during the holidays per se - I have a problem with people who bluntly ask me: why do you have to work. Obviously because there is work to do. Then they ask why can't you just wait until the holidays is over. Because I don't want to? Because I want to do it today? Because I want to finish this quickly?

It is incredibly annoying when someone tells me not to work. I guess it is fine when that person is paying me not to work. But chance is that that person is not paying me not to work and that person wants to hang out with me - which means I have to put in the time and money for that. I don't mind spending time and money with people I deem worthy, but chance is that if that person is telling me not to work, then that person is not worthy.

When I get pissed off, they try to lighten it up by saying they are joking - instead of apologising. Oh please. That is the worst insult in the planet ever. Own up to your mistakes. Don't tell me that I am the one who is uptight, when you are clearly the one who is disrespectful of my choices.

I am off to do some work now. Until then.

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