Saturday, December 3, 2011

Money is not funny

Money is such a sensitive subject.

I am fine with money - I can earn it, I can manage it, I can save it. And all of these, stop with myself. I am not quite too sure I can extend these lessons to others - especially those I love.

They have their own thoughts and priorities and bla bla bla, so really, I am sick and tired of being faced with excuses as to why they have not done this and why they have not done that. If it is not that important to them, then fine, so be it.

Subsequently, I hate discussing money with those people. I do love them and I'd like them to make financial leaps, yet I am not a financial advisor and I can't be fucked wasting time listening to their excuses. I'd love to solve their 'problems', and I don't think this is possible if they don't want to solve them.

As they say, you can't help those who don't want to help themselves.

I also abstain from lending money to those I love. Love and money are a bad mix. This is because of the different attitudes we all have with money. If I were to borrow someone's money, I feel really shitte and so I want to pay it back as soon as I can. Especially if that person is my family. Or my partner. Or my friends. I can never look at them as if they are my personal ATM.

But I realise that there are plenty of people who would never pay their loans unless you ask for it multiple times. So really, the best way is to just not lend them any money.

I guess I am embarrassed if I have to borrow money from others - especially if the loan is interest free. I would find ways so that I can delay the purchase or finance the purchase myself. I prefer not to be caught dead borrowing money from anyone ever. Maybe except for the mortgage.

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