Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Currently obsessin' about: Dulce Candy

A few months ago, I noticed this girl. She has been blogging since forever. I am a bit annoyed that I did not discover her earlier, but now that I do, I find her to be such an inspiration.

First and foremost, she is 24, and she is a mother, and she looks so gorgeous! I did not look as gorgeous as she is when I was 24, and I was not even a mother (still am not, by the way). How does she do all of that - I don't know. And did I mention that she is in school (fashion college) and she used to be in the army? All of these by the age of 24 - those are some major achievements in life.

Second, she is not afraid to dress - I browsed through her older entries when she was pregnant, and she looked so stylish. She is definitely the most stylish mum I know. Ok, maybe I don't know a lot of mothers, yet she looks so put together all the time. I love how she does her hair - she seems to have this way of keeping all the baby hair off her face. Everything looks so proper. She admits that she is not that tall, yet she manages to wear everything she wants - fashion rules out the window! She is the living example that you can wear anything you want if you style it correctly.

Third, has anyone seen her closet? TOTAL LOVE. Another glimpse here. Her closet looks like a store and it does look like she is shopping there whenever she is getting ready. Some may say "is it really necessary" or "that's hoarding" or whatever - having a closet that size takes a lot of skills. How many of you can maintain a closet like that and still go shopping on a regular basis and post videos on youtube about what you buy? How many of you have the funds to do that?

Fourth - awesome make up skills! Yes, I know there are other make up gurus on youtube. Dulce's make up seems to compliment her outfit every single time. Plus it is not over the top - which is a skill in its own right. Her make up makes her skin glows and accentuates her features. Plus she has a gorgeous smile. That's the smile that you look at and you think that everything is going to be alright.

Next - she's got some killer heels! I have not found any girl who does not love shoes. Not to mention that her shoes collection is to die for. OMG.

I can go on forever listing all the things that I love about her. I am running short on time (unfortunately), so I am going abruptly end this post here. I find Dulce such an inspiration - she makes me not only want to dress better but also to live better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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