Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIDT - Shopping at Birkinhead Point

I finally caved in to the post xmas sale and went shopping. I love getting good bargains. I just hate the crowd. I have done boxing day shopping a couple of times and I think that would be all that I would ever have in this life time. So coming in today, which is like a few days post boxing day, I fully expect the stores to be full of bargains with nothing in my size.

Which is totally what happened today. I came prepared with a mental list with the things that I am hunting:

1. a fedora - I have been wanting this for the longest time - since like 2009. That is like two YEARS ago. I have been looking for one that is not so boring. I want something that is black/white/gray-ish, but I can never take the plunge of getting a plain black or plain anything fedora. I saw a red one with pink flower a few weeks back that retailed for $30 before the sale. When I came back to the stores a couple of weeks since spotting it, they were all gone! Ok, so it was not a meant to be.

2. sexy lingerie - this item (or I should say, these items) are perpetually on my list. Because I have been losing weight or maybe my current lingerie is just disintegrating on me. Or both. Doesn't matter. Point is that I need lingerie that fits.

3. leather belt - I am somewhat obsessed with anything leather these days. Because I am sick and tired of pvc belts dying on me. I just did not realise that these things are so badly made. I am donating all of my pvc belts to charity.

4. leather bag - same story as the leather belts - see above. I don't mind the canvas bags, I suppose, because they are water proof. The downside with leather goods is that they are not water proof, and they are kind of high maintenance that way. Sydney weather has been unpredictably wet, so I am hesitant with using my leather bag.

5. leather shoes - same story as the leather items above. I prefer real leather shoes rather than faux leather. Because my feet are wide and most faux leather shoes just kill them. If I could, I would wear sport shoes everywhere. But I can't wear them to work, so I don't think I have much choice but to do leather shoes. I prefer rubber soles, but I realise this combination is difficult to come by. I have bought shoes from asos, and they are mostly misses (rather than hits). I prefer to buy shoes in a physical store because I need to try them on. So please, shoe stores out there - don't go totally online.

6. skinny jeans - I own one pair of skinny jeans. When I bought them they were tight but now they are sliding down. Thus I'd like a new pair that does not slide down, and it has to be in dark denim.

7. blazer - I have a specific style in mind that I am coveting right now. Can't describe it here, but once I find it, I will post a picture of some sort.

8. work clothes - these are investments for me, because I go to work and I need to find clothes that are professional looking and are comfortable and most importantly, stylish and reflects my personality. I love dressing up in the morning, applying make up and doing my hair. Yeah, shoot me - I am one of those annoying people who like going to work.

So what happened today?

Birkinhead Point does not disappoint, although I prefer driving there rather than catching public transport (snob alert). I make it a habit to eat lunch before shopping so that I can concentrate on what I want to buy rather than thinking about food. If you know me, my stomach usually takes precedent over anything else, including sleep.

What I bought: fedora, lingerie, leather belt. Fedora was from Mimco and it was not plain - it was in fact, chequered - a combo of black/grey with a white/blue leopard-ish collar. I just read that sentence again and the fedora sounded hideous. In all likelihood, it probably is, but I like it, so I bought it and I have every intention to wear it. One item off the list.

Lingerie was Elle McPherson. Some of her stuff are really really nice, and others really really bad. I tried on at least 10 things today and walked away with 1. I could have tried more, but I was giving up after the 10th item. The item stays on the list because I obviously need more than 1.

Leather belt was Marc. I used to love everything Marc - back in the days when they used to be so preppy. And then, Marc became boho, and recently it sort of returns to its preppy origins (thank god), just as I am losing interest in shopping (in general). Another item off the list.

Mimco has some of the most coveted leather bags that do not cost 4 digits. This is kind of important if like me, you don't earn that much money. I like this particular style from Mimco and nearly purchased it so many times. But lately, I am giving up on it. Because the people that I see with the bag are so daggy - the kind that walks around in sweat pants and ugg boots. The bag, in contrast, is sophisticated looking - and would make an awesome work attire investment. So whenever I think of this bag, I have this mental image of some daggy person carrying the bag. I refuse to be associated with that image, so I pass.

Another brand that I love is Allannah Hill. Granted given my body type I cannot wear 90% of her clothes, but I do love her coats. And her cardigans, skirts, tops and dresses. I like her accessories too. That is like everything in the store. Because I know that I cannot wear most of her designs (seriously, she designs for women with curves, the guitar/hour glass types, and meanwhile, I am like a cone), I just spent like a good 15 minutes in that store admiring the things that I knew I would never wear.

And that was when I noticed a group of extremely daggy people in the store - and then I walked out of the store. I get that most people were shopping, so they were dressing for comfort - heck, even I was dressing for comfort, and I am pretty sure I was more daggy than stylish. However, there is just something about seeing daggy people that completely turns me off a brand.

I am such a snob. There I said it.

It is really true that we should dress up - if only out of politeness.

"I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny." - Coco Chanel

Side note: I am trying to write more these days - and in the past, I schedule certain posts to come in at certain days to ensure that I am sticking to a schedule. With this blog, what I find is that I am writing more about my thoughts than what I did - which is understandable because I often spend my days working (I derive enjoyment that way) and I don't really want to write about working given that I have already spent most of day working, and I don't want to spend all of my waking hours doing and thinking about work. So in an attempt to enjoy life a bit more, I make a point to do things other than working, which I can then write about in the blog. WIDT stands for What I Did Today.

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