Thursday, February 9, 2012

Staying true to myself

How much can you tell about someone based on the choices they make, or advise others to make, or don't make? I have always thought that I am pretty risk adverse, but time and time again, I discover others who are even more risk adverse than me. For a while I toyed with the idea of becoming one of them, come on, a stable job in the midst of the GFC - who wouldn't want that?

And yes, the economy is pretty much still in turmoil these days, and perhaps this volatility is slowly becoming a norm. Or maybe we are just witnessing this thing called structural shift in employment. Whatever it may be, I just know that I would kill myself if I am basing my decisions right now on stability. Like seriously - after coming this far?

Of course the definition of stability differs from one person to the next. But here is the thing - when you are not desperate, you have options and when you have options, you can be as fussy as you want to be. This is your life and you have to live it. So listen to your heart.

I have said no to money before and I have no trouble saying no to it right now. Somethings in life we just cannot buy with money.

Note to self: stop offering unsolicited advice!

Sydney, circa 2008

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