Saturday, February 25, 2012


--Right now, exhausted from shoulder cramp - right shoulder that is. Prior to this, I had a cut on my right index finger (healing now), two massive zits on my face and an ulcer on my mouth (healed). I don't know what is up with my body, but for once, all I want is a full functioning body, without pain, without zits, without ulcers, WITHOUT ANY FREAKING PROBLEM.

--Wrote a long piece on relationship and its related issues, only to realise that it has no flow (apart from the stream of consciousness that is hard to follow), so it needs some major editing which I am not in the mood to do because of the above shoulder pain.

--Been chatting to a friend who lives in the City of Angels who told me that vacation days do not accrue past a certain point unless you take it. I often forget how nice we have in here in the Land Down Under until I hear things like this. And yeah, we also have the most public holidays.

--A rejuvenating weekend (would have been perfect without shoulder cramp) post trying to be the perfect child for 5 days. Nice recovery time equals spending time alone in my apartment away from anyone. I can be such an introvert when I want to be.

--Contrary to what they say, I don't think work is a curse. I think I prefer to use Khalil Gibran's line of "and in keeping yourself with labour, you are in truth loving life". Because I love my life more when I am working, when I am doing something useful, instead of just sitting around doing nothing like an unusable spare part.

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