Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love always wins

"Love wins. Love always wins."
-Tuesdays with Morry (Mitch Albom)

I have loved, and I have lost. I have held on to something for far longer that I should have. I eventually learn to let go. I let go of what my ideals as to what I think love is supposed to be, and learn to accept it for what it is. Different people love differently. Just because you love someone, does not mean that person will love you back. So when you love, don't expect to be loved in return because when you do, that's not love. That is opportunistic, selfish behaviour; and love is none of those things.

Sometimes I wonder if I love you. And when I wonder, that is when I know that I actually don't love you. This is hard to swallow for me, but it is true. When I love, I do not hesitate in answering the question. I say it like it is: I love you more than I love her. Or, really, I should have said, I love you and I do not love her.

I spend my time with the people I love. I hope to create lasting memories with them - mostly good ones. Because "love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone." (Tuesdays with Morry - Mitch Albom)

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