Sunday, November 20, 2011

Living your best life

I wanted to write about some history - and then I thought about what the point would be since it had all happened and now, there is nothing we can do about it. I can't exactly change that, so I stop myself from writing about it. The whole point of starting this blog is to have another story. As such, why dwell on the past? Let it go, and move on. Focus on the choices you are going to make today and tomorrow and the days after. If you make the best choices everyday, then somehow, everything would work out.

The thing about being younger is that I was a lot more eager to do things. These days I admit that I am more sceptical than I used to be. I don't trust the world as easily, I don't trust people as easily. I write in a different tone. I write on different topics. I have different thoughts. I converse about different topics. There are some people I love more and more everyday, and there are those I did not know I would love. It is so true that you really don't know where life would take you.

I think all of these is just a natural progression of experiencing life - your experiences do shape you into the person that you are today - being more cautious and more restrained are, for example, the end product of the impact of your experiences on you. These are fine, so long as they are positive. One of the hardest things is to spin the negatives into positives - like not remaining bitter by some shit that happens years ago, or maintaining an open mind even when you are more judgemental by the second. It is like being negative is easier - and being positive takes a lot of hard work. But life is hard work. Living your best life is a series of endless hard work. Nothing good in life comes easy. Be prepared to give this life more than your best shot.

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