Wednesday, November 9, 2011

just a quick one

always the thing about blogging is that it is difficult to write everyday. i do want to write everyday. because a lot of things happen everyday and i would like to document them here. that is the whole point of this project. yes, i have started similar projects before and somewhat failed quite miserably. yet this is a new project and i'm determined to make it work this time.

the issue is that i am busy. there is no other explanation around it. i have a lot of things to do, too little time. i also realise that i hardly try new things these days - or actually in the past few years? i was told by a much older individual that the remedy to feeling old is to try new things - to consciously do so, to insist on it, at least every weekend. because when you were a child everything seemed new.

i don't feel old yet - and i know i am getting older by the second. i also think it is obvious by now that i am having an existential crisis yet again. (i've had a few since i turned a quarter of century.) what stories am i going to tell? what if i don't have a story to tell? what legacy am i going to leave behind? i am pretty sure i have not done remarkable things with my life.

since Steve Job's death, i am more aware of the fact that our time is limited. we can leave this life at any time, somewhat unexpectedly. our mortality has a finite life span. do i live my life as if i'm going to live forever? i am not sure as to what the answer to that would be. and i do know that i take things for granted. like i take it for granted that i am going to be alive tomorrow.

i make a point every single morning to be happy for the rest of the day. happiness - just like love - is a choice. i make a point to be grateful for what i have, and i have a lot of good stuff.

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