Saturday, November 5, 2011

the gift of time

i spent most of yesterday with you. i loved organising you. your messy surroundings drove me insane (as always). i did not tell you this before, but i admired how you managed to find everything eventually. so no dear, you never lost anything, you just misplaced them temporarily. i guess i did not say this enough to you, but i really do love you. you are the only person in this planet that i would want to organise like that. it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that i have done everything possible to make your life easier. that is the least that i could do for you.

i wished that i brought my camera with me. some shots here and there would make pleasant memories of the things that we did. the mediocrity of life, things that we hardly find time to do unless of course we are preparing for some event. like a trip somewhere. a trip of not-so-ideal-timing, if i can say so myself. sort of reminded me of my own trip a couple of years back.

i am going to start with the conclusion - being this: let's not get married in November. November weddings, so far, the statistics are two out two, have a tendency to be cancelled a few days after the tickets have been purchased. so either we wait till a week before the wedding and then purchasing the tickets (exorbitant price) or not attend (usually can't escape this one). so for the sake of everyone's well being, lets not plan weddings in November. October is good and so is December.

i think what most people fail to recognise is this: attending weddings are expensive, especially if it involves travelling to another country. partly why i prefer not to attend weddings overseas. right now, i am definitely wedding-ed out. and i definitely had enough of cancelled weddings.

am i missing something here? i am always of view that the decision to be married is a massive decision - life changing sort of thing. as such, conversely, the decision to cancel should be an equally massive decision - if not bigger. and surely, this decision would have been pondered over and over again, and surely you would have known this more than a few weeks before the wedding.

i give all of my sympathy to those who are in the situation of having to cancel their weddings. yet it also sucks when they become so self absorbed that they fail to appreciate the things that others tried to do to cheer them up. the best gift in this life - in my opinion - is the gift of time. and when someone is in the position to offer such gift, then it is only fitting that the gift is accepted by giving back your time in return. this is not rocket science - it is called being thoughtful. it is not about reciprocating the gift, it is about accepting graciously by giving your time in return. because if you don't accept, then the gift is wasted. if you don't accept, you failed to recognise that it was there to begin with.

and for once, i understand why people say "more than you ever know".

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