Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So much rain

A few years ago, the dam level was so low that there was water restrictions. Now the dam is about to burst (or has already burst)?? Such a drastic change from a few years ago. Back then the summers were so hot and so dry. Now hot days and sunshine are a luxury.

Woke up this morning because of the rain and because I was hungry. I try to so hard not to eat so much these days. I try not to succumb to temptation so much. I mean, surely, one person does not need to eat that much? I try to pace myself and spread my eating throughout the day. I don't know whether it is really true that it is better to eat small meals at frequent intervals, but that seems to work for me.

I think it is probably easier on everyone if we have more consistent rain throughout the years, so that we don't have to experience the extremes of seasons. The farmers would have better harvests every year. We don't have to have water restrictions and we don't have to evacuate the houses along the river bank.

But I suppose mother nature has a different plan?

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