Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free will

So yesterday, I came to the conclusion that
(1) you are an adult
(2) you are free to make your own decisions
(3) you are the one who needs to live with them

And so subsequently, I decided to just let it be. I mean, I am not going to give an opinion when you didn't ask for one.

I don't mind giving an opinion or two, insofar as they are wanted. I can even give a well-thought out one given the right set of information and adequate time to think about it. I can care when you ask me to care. But I cannot care when you don't ask me to - it is just too much for me. Unrequited love is something I prefer not to have in my life.

Maybe, I just don't love you as much any more. It is ok, I know you don't love me as much too. Once upon a time, we did love each other a lot. Well, I did love you a lot. In 2009. I don't love you as much any more. I am not sure I could ever love you like I did in 2009.

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