Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#challenge accepted: rediscovering passion

Today has been a long, long day. In the morning, someone told me that it is going to rain later today, so I was this close to bring my trench coat. I wore my stockings and boots instead and grab my trusty blazer. Seriously, if you ever need to buy investment clothing, buy a blazer. It saves my ass every single time I ever need to look anything close to decent.

I have a love-hate relationship with clothing and dressing up. My younger self loved dressing up, in fact, I was one of these annoying people who always over-dressed. My current self is a lazy person. Right now, I am the laziest person I know. Seriously. I blame this state of laziness on the years of slaving away in grad school. It sucked so much of my energy that there is nothing left. Literally.

So because I am lazy, I struggle, on a daily basis, to look decent. Man, I don't even think about looking good these days. I just want to be nicely presentable, and in the process, not offend those around me. I cannot believe that I am saying this, these days, I do dress so that I don't offend other people. If I can have it my way, I would be wearing jeans, t-shirt, sneakers everywhere I go.

It is only recently I realised that looking good takes a lot of effort. Maybe it has always taken a lot of efforts, it is just that I was in the mood to put in that much effort. I was more excited about it. Then something happens and well, for lack of better description, I just lost my excitement. Where has my passion gone?

They say that "(i)f you want to stay focused on something, I recommend that you start blogging right now" (taken from Why You Should Start a Blog in Your 20s). Challenge accepted! Stay tuned for what's to come!

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