Saturday, January 28, 2012


I take the internet for granted. Or rather, I should say, I take the availability of the internet for granted in this country. Especially at home. I honestly don't know too many people who do not have internet in their homes. Almost everyone I know owns a smart phone and subsequently are connected all the time. I guess I am lucky because I don't really have to work 24/7, but I do admit that I like cleaning my inbox. It makes me feel organised and besides, I hate virtual clutter (in addition to physical clutter).

So this weekend, I am enjoying having an internet connection. I am replying to all of those emails that I have not replied in a while and I am enjoying having clean inbox. The ones that are left there are the on-going projects and once they are done, I am more than happy to file them and feel an additional sense of accomplishment.

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