Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just a quick one

I wasn't kidding when I said I was wedding-ed out.

Really, seriously. It was like I was losing touch to the real me. The real me who is not into wedding whatsoever. In fact, I was approached a while back by a friend/acquaintance who asked me to do some wedding business with him. We went as far as doing the numbers. Fuck, they were good. One heck of a very lucrative business. Because everything has a wedding premium attached to it. People are generally suckers when it comes to their weddings. BUT I remain someone who is (a) not into weddings and (b) not easily swayed by beautiful results, so I passed on it. His business is doing great last I heard, that's to be expected.

So I took the time to recuperate from all the wedding-related stuff. This coincides with an email from my boss telling me that I have to take a holiday. I immersed myself in work for two weeks after I booked a holiday. Right now, I am technically on holidays, which I started by sleeping too much. I tend to repay my sleeping debt during my holidays. I am best friends with my bed and blanket.

When I am in my down time, I usually find I can't be bothered to do anything, including writing anything in this space. Sorry, it is not that I don't have anything to say, I always have something to say about anything out there. It is just that... I don't know. Certain aspects of life gets so bloody overwhelming and I find it difficult to reconcile these things.

For example, for the love of GOD, I don't understand why every jeweller in Chinatown is such rip-offs. In fact, the more fluent they are in speaking English, the more likely they are to rip you off. I hate writing something so racist, but it is also so fucking true. For a while, I was delusional enough thinking that maybe they've changed. They haven't. I swear that I am not stepping foot anywhere in those area ever again. If there is a business that has no integrity whatsoever, well then, you are looking at one. Forget those overseas multinationals that bribe governments to stay in business - this one is right in front of your noses, and chance is that you would know someone who has had dealings with these people.

I know that this is more a stereotype than real life, and ordinarily I would agree - except that this time, it is actually real. So if you come across my blog because you are thinking of visiting a Chinatown jeweller, then think again. Do so at your own risk.

Ok, I guess I am not over certain aspects of wedding, and one of those aspects is rings - engagement and wedding rings. Why are those rings so important anyway? It is just a thing. A material thing. I hate putting so much meaning into one thing that is just a thing. And I think we are making too big a deal of it ... it is just a ring. An overpriced thing, in my opinion. Remember the wedding premium?

Anyhoo. The only reconciliation I have is this - it's their lives, their weddings, their money. I just hope that when it comes to mine, it does not have to be so conflicted with my personal values.

Peace out. Have a nice weekend.

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