Sunday, October 14, 2012

My ipod died

So. My ipod died.

I got it back in 2003. It was a gift from my sister. It was either 3rd or 4th gen 60G that I thought was going to last me a life time. BUT as it turns out, nothing lasts forever.

And I also lost almost all of the entire collection of my music.

A little bit of history. I used to outsource my backup to this dude who claimed that he was the best at it yadidadida. Long story short, he was so fucking dodgy that I lost quite a lot of files when my computer died. I was devastated for a while and then I thought what the heck. Out with the old, welcome clutter free life.

I become somewhat emotionally detached from any of my files - and my possessions for that matter. I don't care that my music collection over the past 9 years and beyond are gone. Who the fuck cares. There are new music being created everyday and let's give these guys a chance eh? Artists need to be appreciated.

I have not bought another mp3 player, although I miss it quite terribly. I use my boyfriend's currently and I don't really like it because it is not mine, so I feel somewhat rather guilty personalising all the tracks in it, but if I don't then I don't enjoy listening to it as much, so why bother.

I get unnecessarily analytical about incidents like these. I mean, it is like it is bound to happen, isn't it... when your life (or insert any other object here) is full of clutter that is preventing you from getting ahead, then something drastic will happen so that all the branches are pruned and you can continue walking in your journey with more poise and confidence, and less baggage. You get these extra energy and suddenly everything feels lighter.

I call it the power of letting go. I let go of all of the things in my life that is weighing me down on a regular basis - it is called spring cleaning (except that it is not confined to spring). BUT at times, I do not realise that these things are weighing me down, so I kept on going with all the extra baggage only to get extremely exhausted and thus lacking the energy to analyse what the fuck is going on. Then the universe kicks in and sorts it all out and all is back to being good again.

Sometimes, I think it is ok not knowing all the answers. Holly wholly whack, I just said that out loud! Of course I would love to know all the answers to my never-ending questions on life, love and everything else in between. Yet if I keep on searching for all the answers and focus my efforts on ascertaining truth in those answers, then I am going to forget to ask new questions. Asking new questions is important because it is one of the ways that we grow. Sure we can grow via other ways, but without asking new questions we are eliminating an element that requires us to keep an open mind.

That things in this life work in ways that we cannot explain or comprehend - and it is ok. We are only human.

That we are not alone in this life, even sometimes we feel like we are. It is like there is this supreme being watching over us (GOD, are you up there?), and it actually cares about our well being, and yet at the same time, prefer not to be intrusive unless it is absolutely necessary. This is pretty awesome.

That there will always be more questions than answers and out of the answers that exist out there, not all of them are correct answers, so proceed with fucking caution in this journey called life.

(Yes, I am tempted to buy a new ipod, but in light of the recent court case between Apple and Samsung, I have totally, absolutely, completely, certainly lost my desire to support Apple.)

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