Friday, May 25, 2012


It is Friday night. I am sitting here watching the footie. Well, maybe not concentrating on watching the footie because I am obviously typing this at the same time. Point is that I am not going out partying. I am having a night in and I am happy. Or perhaps, content is a more appropriate adjective.

I don't quite know what the deal really is, all I know is that as I age, I find more contentment in solitude. Some calls it quality time, others call it me time. I just call it solitude, because it is what it really is. Some people find it uncomfortable, others find it rejuvenating. I belong to the latter category. I like it, treasure it, look forward to it.

I think the best moments in conversations happen when you get to pause and be silent for a while, without feeling uncomfortable with the silences. These periodical pauses allow me to step back, enjoy the moment while listening to what my conversational partner is saying. These short bursts of contentment are the moments in life worth living for.

Have a nice weekend! x

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