Sunday, September 9, 2012

And I will answer

Lately for reasons I am yet to comprehend, catch up with my friends tend to be a very intense affair.

I am always the party who ask the personal questions, the difficult to answer questions. The questions that make everyone uncomfortable (including myself at times), and I maintain my view that these questions still need to be asked even when they are not answered.

Because at the very minimal my friends would know what it is that I would like to know, even when I remain ignorant of these things that I'd like to know.

Lately, however, the role has been reversed. I am the one who is asked the personal questions, the difficult to answer questions. And it is funny in a way, because now, all of my friends' questions are always followed up with "you don't have to answer".

So far, I have always answered - I am okay with sharing information, thoughts and most things within reasonable bounds. I hope that this would mean we get closer, and they get to have an insight of the person that is at my core. I am pretty certain I get judged (come on), but it is always nice to find that they still love me anyway.

I reckon we should try this more often.

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