Saturday, June 30, 2012

All about boobs

Amongst all of the issues that women have with their bodies, one of the ones on the top of the list has got to be the size of their breasts (the other being their weight - too skinny, to fat, bla bla bla). I belong to the small-size clan. I like this most of the time. Mostly because I can get away with wearing low cut tops without my boobs spilling out of my top. Or that I can wear backless dresses and tops and not worry about supporting my boobs. 

I admire big boobs. I can understand why men go crazy over them, because I do. I find female wearing low cut tops, revealing their cleavages, attractive - because they quite literally attract me to stare at that point. So I am sorry if I have to remind myself to look into your eyes when I am talking to you. I am sorry if I forget to remind myself to do so, I am attracted to something else. 

Sometimes I think life is unfair, you know. If a man rocks up to the office with his shirt unbuttoned, then it is like impolite. The same does not apply to women - fine, so maybe it is not their shirts that were unbuttoned, it is just that their clothes are designed that way. The end result is the same: it is the revelation of skin (and other things previously mentioned). If we want the whole world to take feminism seriously, maybe we need to address this clothing issue first. Maybe this has been addressed, I don't know. But from what I see by just hanging out in the Sydney business district, the chance spotting of a young female urban professional is pretty high. 

Just some food for thought. 

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